Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just Joined Some Cool Services, I just got Boxee. its probably the coolest media center i’ve ever come across, and it works great on my XP.  I have XP Professional so there is no Media Center on here. and well. rather than going to Shoutcast, Pandora. or Slacker Radio I can stream the radio through Boxee.

There are Other things Boxee Does, but I think Radio will be my primary thing. it also will update  Twitter, and Facebook. to let folks know what's playing. Most people would say its a privacy issue. but I think it’s cool. Besides. Boxee is what you call a Social Media Center.

My New Blackberry came In

….. and the only Problem, I guess its a refurbished phone; The J button has to be pushed with more pressure and well The Receiver doesn't sound clear as the last one. But I’ll deal with it, being that i Broke my last phone by removing something i really shouldn’t have.Aside from that. I got my Apps and services back rolling and also Decided to Take a chance at using Apps i haven't used before.

For Example. I’ve been Using  Seesmic Desktop for Windows, Its Just like Tweetdeck Desktop app, and I’ve used Ubertwitter to “Tweet” on the go.  Now I’m using Seesmic For Blackberry and well.. I haven’t logged in yet.  Ubertwitter, was nice, Tweedeck’s mobile is for Iphone. and Seesmic is New to the Mobile Scene so I’m supporting them. I love the web Client they have as well because it allows you to log in to Facebook. on the Mac Version of Seesmic it also allows you to Log on to Facebook.

For Searching and other things Online, I Now have Both the Bing and Google Apps. I had to Re-sync my Phone so I used the Google Sync for that as well. I need to see what's in store on the Bing app. I may have to download the Battery Pull App Again Maybe I'll try Mapquest’s App too. but Nah. I’m good. the only things I haven’t really Re-downloaded due to Clutter, aside from ubertwitter, are, Slacker Radio, Opera Browser  and The Blackberry App. They took of lots of space. I really didn’t need them. I like Slacker though.

I’m about to download boxee on my other desktops. other than that. I have to upload some pictures to Myspace for my cousin. so I’ll be Blogging later.

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