Thursday, December 10, 2009

Smiling and Laughing That's Not Cool

So I’m Watching this news Report, some folks got arrested today at the end of a sting operation, each suspect came out of the home laughing and giggling.
at this point it made me wonder,Why?  that's embarrassing. which yeah its early in the morning and everything. . I guess ole dude didn’t have on a shirt so they put one on him after being cuffed. (LOL).. but it’s wild because they weren’t Angry like most people who get Busted. they were Laughing as if its not that big of a deal.

Maybe its not though, at least on their part because they only have to defend themselves. other than that. maybe they are the pushers, but it’s likely that the suppliers are of a 3rd party which they may not have access to nor control over. 

I remember a while back they caught some Hispanic men caught up in a drug ring. Maybe this is all apart of the same ring. being that this is the end of the Raid and whatnot.

I just find it Odd that as i said, These folks on the clip were Smiling rather than looking like monsters when caught… That’s just wild to me.

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