Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Just getting this out of my head..

Aight, Technically, if I’m on the phone with You… and your Receiver is Loud, why would you complain that I’m Loud? .. This girl hanged up on me Last night because of all people on the phone with us, I was the loud one..  Yet I was talking normally. SHE had her receiver up high. That’s not my problem.

Yet she set for like 30 minutes Arguing with A load of people as i said very little.. son as I begin to speak. I’m Loud? yet she’s the one mad because everyone else is interrupting what was supposed to be Our conversation.. smh… we were on the Phone 3 way, the she called some random party line just to mess with folks .. They’re just Arguing up a storm.. She got so bothered she switched Channels… So she’s like “Josh” .. i said .. I’m Here .. she’s like “Bruh U Loud”.. she hung up the phone.. i tried calling Back Twice.. no Answer… She’s going to feel played when I don’t call her… . She’s going to call up from her Cell and I'm going to be like “Im on the Phone” .. cause THAT WAS RUDE!

.. On to something else..

Ahh Man This Fool Keeps Texting Me, I don’t want to be bothered with this guy though. So. I connected to this cat from GSU via facebook after someone tagged his pics. Then he said “hey you’re the dude from the games” I said YEAH… he was like “I need a video/photo shoot, can u do it”… I stated that I didn't have the right kind of equipment to do so… He Said, “Well It doesn’t matter I just need this done”…

At this point He said, I’ll Text you the Information, What's your number.. So I gave it to him.. to make a long story short. The Fool said “I Want Nudes”… I denied him.. he was like “ I Got Money” .. I Don’t do that kind of stuff… he was like “But I got Money” .. I Ignored his text at that point…  yet he still Texts me.  “Whats Up” during the day……

I don’t know what’s up with this Cat, but I ain’t gay. the fool is Here in N.O Today. he was here since Monday.. I gave him the wrong address so he can stop asking to Meet up.. Man, I told this dude I just don’t do Naked pictures of anybody. That ain’t me.. Man.. I only do BAND stuff. when it has nothing to do with Band, it ain’t  of my concern.

the dude was like “why have you been ignoring my text”.. I told the fool I was on the Phone.. when I’m on the phone I can’t Receive texts… I even told him i have a Girlfriend (which that's a lie) .. But he’s like “ I Guess”… then he says .. “ I still want that shoot” .. I replied “Not Today”..   and that was all..

.. At this Point I don’t understand why those who want to connect with me, always seem to have Serious Issues.. In this case. I’m not going to be Bribed in to a favor .. Especially when it involves some Gay stuff like that..   With that said, I wouldn’t want any Naked body’s on my PC anyway. 

Man.. Folks have Issues..  I’m about to Chill out at this point..


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