Sunday, January 03, 2010

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce!

So yeah, I’ve been online searching for some Break beats, I ran across all the right links  Unfortunately none of them worked.  What I did find was
Check that Out and stay up on your Bounce

What I’m looking for is The “Brown Beats” which was a bonus track from Cameron Paul’s Beats & Pieces 1987, I found a Rip on Youtube but I don’t want to download the youtube clip. I want a good enough Mp3.   (James Brown’s voice is the big reason its called that)

I don’t think Cameron Paul’s Albums are even on circuit.  What I’ve come across is a Bounce site full of info about the beats and origins. I’m glad that its out there. What I’ve Known for a while about bounce origins as compared to the stuff i see now its just wild.

What you have is  a song called “Rock The Beat”  by Derek B. the Late Rap Legend from the UK, who originally rapped  to the particular Brown Beat I’m looking for.

I think is wild that when you look at the Origins of the Both That and Trigger man, The Bounce Influence was  a Combo of New York &  UK Beats and a Live Concert Call and Response Style.  

You look at what its turned to now  and you’re hearing the same few Break beats with Faster Tempos and a Whole load of Unnecessary bounce artists. but its Cool because It all Began when the DJ’s  Like DJ Irv (The Originator) who  took those beats and got with some good enough rappers to Not only Create, But  Innovate both New Orleans bounce and Rap styles.  Many of the Pioneers in our game died in the mid 90’s like Daddy-O and Pimp Daddy… but we also had Warren Mayes and DJ Jubilee and Countless others.. I Remember TakeFo Records had Bounce On Lock.. Good Times Good Times..
I’m Not really a Fan of this New Bounce, but I can Roll with some PnC and from 95 all day ..LOL!..
I Ran Across some more Recent stuff from the Mid 90’s and Early 2000’s but none of the links worked.

I even Saw this by way of the Bounce Website as well . T. T. Tucker got caught doing his “Cigarette Man” Thing.  That’s wild to me.
imageclick the image to see the full article.
Man …thats Wild…
I’m still looking for some stuff!.. I gotta tell my Sister about
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