Monday, January 18, 2010

Cleaning House on this Machine

So I’ve managed to Back Up and Remove majority of the media from my Laptop in preparation for a New one.  All with exception of a my Photos and Programs that I can’t just Unload.

For example. I have a game called Stronghold Crusader on the laptop which is not on any PC in the house.  Aside from that. I have Windows XP themes that I’ve backed up for No apparent reason, because I really wont be needing those when I get my Seven.

My Dad wants the this laptop, I’ll be leaving the necessary programs and components on here for him to use. but until I get my the PC I’ll just keep the simple goods I have here already.

I’ve only use a 7 a few times as of today, but my  plan is to get something pretty Decent, doesn’t have to be Top of the Line, but it has to Be able to allow me to create and store media with ease. 

I like windows Vista and I know I’m going to Love a Seven.
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