Monday, January 18, 2010

SMH, Stopping the Process doesn’t mean its deleted

So I’m trying to assist someone with getting rid of a virus. This person claims that she’s never had a Virus on her PC before.  after explaining to me what she was dealing with, I realized it was more than a Trojan, it was Rogue Software. She asked “How do I get Rid of it” because she tried manually and failed.

I Directed her to Microsoft Security Essentials. She then asked how does it work. and watched it do its job.  She was able to get rid of a Trojan but the Rogue software is still on it.  She tried Stopping the Process, I told her that it wouldn’t work.  So she asked me how to find hidden files because she wants to delete them manually. .. BAD IDEA!

Well, I showed her how to do it because she Doesn’t want to download Malwarebytes because she assumes it will not do anything.  I explained to her that It would.  but she’d rather do it manually. I told her that It’s a possibility that she’s going to corrupt her system. She also asked, If AVG couldn't get the Trojan, How was MSE able to. Well,  AVG  doesn’t have the same Virus database as Microsoft and I also would believe that The Microsoft product would scan the PC more Thoroughly. being that it’s a Microsoft Product.

With that said, Being that these programs are Free, and are also made to get rid of The Malicious file itself, does not mean that it will capture Everything. With that being said.  It’s why I asked her to Download Malwarebytes as well. still she Insists on doing it Manually.  I’ve even had her do the MRT prior to any of it. But see, the reason these programs don't catch The Rogue software is because the Rouge software initializes itself to start up prior to the free virus scanners.

Malware bytes on the other hand will tell you that “You must restart the PC to finish the process” and it’ll restart with No Problems. … but she doesn’t want to do that either.

My Other alternative to that would be to Log on in safe mode and THEN Run  MSE. why? because safe mode doesn't run applications at start up. If I were to tell her to do MSConfig she would mess her PC up. so I won’t do that. lol. As much as she wants to get rid of the malware, she’s trying her best to only suppress  it. That’s not enough.

and just as I said in the beginning, It’s not good to play around with system folders, because if you delete the wrong thing. you're PC will become Obsolete.

.. That’s all I have to say about that.

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