Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disastrous Quake: My Thoughts

I Talked Briefly to Sandra Via Text. Sandra is a Haitian friend of mine living in Florida, I was just asking how she was doing because I know she has family still here. It hurts her and I know how she’s feeling but at the same time I told her I really can’t find the words to express how I feel about it other than The fact that it reminds me of the Katrina Situation 100% just on a larger scale,

The Disastrous events don’t really compare but the situation of distress is the same. My heart goes out to every one there. As well as those here in America. Folks like Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robison have made heartless comments about the situation and it reminds me of how folks were saying New Orleans was Cursed and all this crap after Katrina.

Seems like when the Involves a Majority Black people find things to say that are just wrong. I don’t understand it but that’s the way of the world. Videos are probably popping up all over the place relating to the Movement of hatred, as they did with New Orleans. During 9/11 you had reports of conspiracy. but everyone became so patriotic with their love for America and the loss of the twin towers…

Folks Totally seemed to forget that People were in the Towers  That wasn’t a Natural Disaster but the situation affected Thousands. it was Americas Loss. New Orleans was an American loss as well,  but it wasn’t treated exactly the same.

The People blamed New Orleanians  for putting ourselves in that situation. You couldn’t blame those that died in 9/11 for Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, They had no clue. You can’t blame the people who were effected by the wildfires or Earthquakes in Cali,or the Tsunami in Indonesia or other Disastrous situation. Yet, Every time a disaster happens on our land, They Blame New Orleans for taking FEMA’s money and Being too lazy to do something on their own. at the end of the day.. IMO It Makes Those who say things like that look bad. because at the end of the day, they’re complaining…  Basically In denial that they really want the aid. 

Back to Haiti…

Tents at Camp JusticeThe craziest thing 'I’ve heard is that they’re planning on opening GITMO to house survivors. Sounds like a good thing, yet it’s a prison. That’s an Instrument of Martial Law on Citizens of another country  that will technically be on American soil.

I even thought It would be nice to fly them over to house in America. but at the same time they’d be put in Prison camps. I hate to put it  that way, but that’s just the way it is. ..

The “Defense Department”  is getting involved.. Defending Them from who? Themselves?  That’s Martial Law. ..Exactly, Just like New Orleans..

Another Comparison is this… Just Like The situation where New Orleanais were being shot trying to find shelter in Jefferson after Katrina,  The people of Haiti are trying to cross the boarders in to the Dominican republic and according to CNN there have been reports of gunfire. shame.

Clear reminder that the some folks can care less about other human beings.

Never Blame the People for Living where they live. it’s just proof that you can’t dodge a natural disaster. Just like Death, it’s a part of life. Some folks need to wake Up, Open their minds and see the obvious.
The People of Haiti needs all the help they’re getting. If you’re against the relief efforts you shouldn’t say anything about the situation.

This is all I have to say to that…

- The Book

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