Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finally I can do this

I haven’t really found the time to write  in here because I've been busy with some other stuff.  I really have nothing to address at this point. but I guess I’ll write about something since I am Here.

I’m Full Circle
I Now have my Twitter and facebook accounts connected, therefore anything i post via either service shall post where it needs to be.. Even This post will show up on my facebook page.

Just Imagine, I could have been Hooked up with a Job out in BR. but it would have required Relocation. I’m glad DJ looked out for me, but I had to turn that offer down.  I’m still dealing with problems in regard to Skill, training and well Education. Therefore I HAD to.

Phone Stuff: I’ve added Webwag on my phone. at once i had it as a homepage, it was cool for a while, I downloaded it because its an app… lol I have other apps on the phone but Webwag may be one i just might get rid of.. It’s not bad, its just that I don’t see myself really using it.

Still Needs to do That Myspace background for da Hunni, I don’t know how i’m gonna make it look though. she was like “colors of your choice” but i’m trying to grasp the concept.. I think i took the image from the PC in the other room/ I’ll go do that now.

But Lastly, I want to give a shout out to The X-Treme Motion who will be on ABDC Tomorrow.

D. Perry, P Lowe, Jermani, Trecia, Olivia, Chloe B. – X-Treme Motion

Taking HBCU dancing to Another Level!

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