Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good Times | Walked the Green Mile

Wow man, I hadn’t blogged in a minute to I’ll do this now.
I went to Bacchus tonight.. got there a tad bit late. but it I was there Long Enough to get some good footage in.  at least of ONE school. and that was Greenville Weston, they were real nice.  I made in out there with Bruce. but I got left, so I walked the full route, and  boy my legs are killing me.

Not only because of Today's walk though. It’s because I walked NOMTOC with SU. My Back is achin’ too.. lol I took a Nice Nap yesterday though. even though I watch my neph the whole time.

With that Tonight was a trip. Mass amounts of people, I know N.O’s got a Huge Boom out of these crowds. My Sister and Brother n Law came to pick me up on Canal and Claiborne. Just imagine, I walked from Tchoupitoulas and St. Charles avenue along the route to Carondelet. I Couldn’t get around to side near the river so I Left…  and yeah once again. My Legs are Killing me.

I’ll be at Orpheus tomorrow. Just not with anyone that plans on leaving lol

The walking is good for health reasons but maan.. LOL after all that walking Without eating. Yesterday I had Burger King… TWICE (shame) and today I came home to make rice-a-roni!.


I’m Tired.. But This wont be my last one for tonight.

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