Saturday, February 27, 2010

Status Madness

this is another post based on recent statuses I've had via facebook.  whats crazy is that usually want to voice my opinion to get live responses i do it there.. so with that said. I'll go a head and refew a few statuses i've recently made and write about what ever it is here.

Remember the Curfew Radio show on Q93 called "The 9 O'Clock Props?
It came to mind a few minutes ago. It reminded me of the time when Mayor Morial set the Curfew, Nobody Obeyed it and Many were arrested and sent to truancy.  But After  Q93 began the 9 O'Clock Props radio show. It gave folks a reason to Be in their homes in time to listen to there fellow peers rap. and represent their wards or projects. it was fairly decent.

Celeb's on Facebook or at least "Wanna Be's" 
I Recently saw the profile of Beyonce Knoles <== Yes not Beyonce Knowles.. Although it was her picture, it was missing a W. my thought. it was probably a Male who created the profile.

I Deleted my Bookmarks by Mistake!!
NOOOO! the good part is that they're Synched to google so I'm Good.. at least for majority of the links.

I Already Spoke about the Lexicon in New Orleans Changing..
Which reminds me that I found a picture of The old PITT Theatre which was located Near by my house and just like The Old Seafood City at 1826 North Broad. It was replaced by a Wal-Greens.
I've seen a few movies there when I was young too. yep,,

(my folks are in houston, my momma just sent me a messege via facebook ,,lol)

3 pair of shoes
Back in High School I would always have 3 pairs of shoes on me. one I wore to school. The other were Band Practice shoes, the other were my marching shoes. because we never knew when we were gonna have to march an event. ..

Oh man, I Banned an IMPOSTOR
yeah, After SU's Associate Director of bands wrote a thread regarding the schools Band Camp for High School students. a guy named Drizzle took the mans pic, posted it in his profile and then asked a dumb question like "Whats your hazing policy?: .. now although the question isn't totally dumb. its the demeanor of  which included the persons activity on the site which I caught on to quickly and i banned him.

And Lastly.. I recently uploaded both these clips to facebook and youtube.

This  being St. Aug from 2009's parade season,

This one of Zulu 2010

You can FEEL the Difference in Quality! lol I love it..

Thats All The Book Has for now..

 The Book
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