Monday, March 22, 2010

Alright Already | I’m Still Out of It

In this entry I’ll tell you what not to do with ya life. LOL

Don’t drink  Four Loko  LOL .. It’s so good, yet so bad!.

Saturday Night I attended my sisters Birthday Party around my old neighborhood.  I saw a picture of Lil Wayne’s head on the side of the Gym.. LOL so Funny!…

Anyway. It was Live in there..  I went with my boy Turtle.. I see that he enjoyed himself..  when I got there I saw my boy Marlon from the K (even tho he graduated from Reed)…

but yeah.. maybe an hour in to the party I got me a Four Loco. it was good. but i guess I drunk it too fast.. I had 2.. I was taking Pictures. throughout the night, didn’t have a chance to put them online yet.. but hey, about 1 me and turtle went to the NV Lounge, seems like things happened kinda fast over there. I saw that boy FAT before I went in…  but it seemed like the party was over.. somebody had a pajama party even tho nobody had on pajamas anyway..  I was clean out of it by the time we got back to my sisters party .. I honestly don’t remember doing much… after we got back…  All I remember was that Wayne Grabbed me and i woke up at home..


After talking to my  sisters yesterday they said that I was dancin’ and everything.  My Brother Wayne called me yesterday and told me that Every time i did something I counted to 3… I told him that is because I was taking pictures the whole night. so I guess i was trying to be safe. he said it was about 5 or 6am and I was sitting by the counter.. he grabbed me to take me home.. I got up early and I threw up.. not in my bed, I made it to the bathroom..   I got up and sat in front the toilet for a hot minute… I layed down again.. and maybe an hour later got up to throw up again..  this time it was more watery because I had an alka seltzer and some Mylanta. Shew that did me good too.. 

Other than that, I was trying to get myself to Regurgitate more. so that after getting up I’d expect it.. But it really didn’t work as  but I'm good.  I stayed up for a long time when my sisters were here.  between that time I ate some Grits and some milk because I knew that it was going to stick to my stomach and help rebuild the mucus walls inside..

So I slept for a while.. or at least i was up tossing turning and Texting Chelsea LOL…  But yeah I went back to sleep.. Got up.. Threw up.. my eyes were bloodshot red because what ever it was wasn’t coming up… so ate some mashed potatoes my mom cooked.. that was around 11pm.. afterwards i and headed back to bed…

I got up at 4 something and have been sitting at this PC since then…  Talking to my mom, eating potatoes and drinking a lot of water.. because it seemed like drinking a coke only triggered that bad feeling.. so none of

I’m gonna head back to bed before 8..

That is all..

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