Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Going Live With CentOS

So, I'm Blogging from CentOS, Via Email, really cool product.  it has its limits and slow loading time for nearly every task but its very much a cool looking  software. i'd have no reason to actually use it on a daily basis. but its a cool thing to show off with.

I Really have nothing else to say other than I hope the screen shot goes though so you all can see what the it looks like. Oh and I've realized that unlike the other boot disk i made.. CentOS isn't for PC Utilities. its to mimic a simple OS software and to use to space. Still real cool. and it would probably work better on a removable drive. If that's the case. I may go buy one just because i can...

In Other News.. The PC with the files.. still has 2 hours to go.. Look at the time .. oh my!
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