Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh I Thought It was ON!

So earlier today as the world turned, (lol)... I went outside behind the house and there was a blue jumpsuit on our gate. .. It was my dads!.. but my first assumption was that it was for the landlord. and that he was allowing someone to stay there without our knowledge.  .. good thing that's not the case..

See, over the past 2 years this man has been working on the guest house in our yard.. it looks nice too. He's been done for months now  yet he and  his crew shows up  unexpectedly every week to do what he wants. My dads tools have been coming up missing. as well as the fact that sometimes it's disturbing when he's back there doing things.

He's been warned by an inspector once about having it trashy in the yard. Thats what actually made him Semi Complete the place in the first place. Around that time The landlord asked if he could sleep in there for 1 or 2 nights. my mom told him no. from then on we've been under the assumption (although with virbal proof) that he has been using it to sleep  or that he wants to rent the place out. .. Our Argument is  HE CAN NOT DO THAT  according to OUR LEASE with The Housing Authority,  which states that he's not supposed to be doing any construction or destruction (lol)  on property as long as he has tenant... Aside from that, That building is with our utilities. therefor can't allow anyone to stay back there who's not on our lease... Instead we were okay with him building it. Why? He told us that We'd be able to Use the whole place .. we thought *Cool*  so we let him do his Job.....

From there we started seeing All Kinds of people he Hired to work.. even people who stole his money.. some of them have even been through this home..just to see how it looks. Some of the workers thought WE were the landlords, they just showed up and started working at any time of day or night...
 Eventually he started working on it himself because of his goods being stolen by his workers.. So Now the place is Just There full of Equipment. He Keeps going In and Out Loading his van or Storing..

With That said.. We have Access to The Main part of this building and the Storage area in the back (we use it like a closet)  but the part that's supposed to be a Bedroom is Locked.. which has me under the impression that he may have personal belongings or even a bed and orther living materials  in that location of the house..

The Landlord is cool.. but  i think that's CRAZY

Boy I Swear I was upset and nearly furious! lol .. my folks came home and i was like "yall see that, ny dad replied, oh thats for me".. AHHH!!! lol  and i thought we CAUGHT'EM cause i took beaucoup pictures of that! lol
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