Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spinning Tops Season

To Be Honest, I don’t know if that's what Just started but LOL..

When I was young, I remember there was a time in elementary where we’d all take our our Spinning tops. During that time, You’d see many corner-store bought tops. others would have special name brand tops.. although majority were exactly the same. depending on the brand the top would be wider or taller…some were of a different kind of wood as well.   

I remember everybody playing the Spinning top game. One person throws out their top in the sand (or on concrete) .. 2 seconds later the next person throws his/hers in with hopes of knocking the other top off its foundation or chipping that top to the point of No Return.

The Coolest thing about these tops were the idea that The person who owned the top had to do their own artwork on the side. Most people I know used Nail Polish and White-Out to paint their tops. I used Spray Paint and Tape (to assure the paint would go in the right spot of course)…

Now, as for me… I wasn’t good at Spinning …I just Did it because it was the thing to do…  the funny part is  that I usually gave my tops to my brother. I hardly ever got Chipped. but I Did loose the Top heads a few times.

Good Times Good Times…  and Childhood Memories ..lol

Living in them projects.. lol “For The Good Times” ..

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