Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is How a great marching band Ends a parade.


This Clip is John F. Kennedy Sr. High School Marching Band at Parade seaason 2000. This School year was my crab year (first year) in the band.  This is one of the few moments I'd never forget. and also had no clue it was recorded.

It shows us Sounding off at the end of a parade prior to loading buses. at first you hear the end of the Cadence which brinsg us in to Parade Rest. Sounding off with "K-C" ( it stands for Kennedy Cougars) 

While At Ease the band directors calls off the "Question".

Director: QUESTION?
Band  WHAT?!
Director: QUESTION?
Band  WHAT?! ..
Director: WHO!?

From There, We Break Rank. .. Suddenly Jamal Starts of JFK Jam  Which the band Chants to Normally during football season.
Hey there people, No need to fear. Look Out *opponents* the Cougars are here, We've come to lend our team a hand. We're the Blowing Band From Cougar-Land. Hooooooo!

We didn't  Usually end the parade with a Tuba Solo. but that night we did it anyway.  It was one of the few ways we normally ended a Great Practice at school.  Doing it in a parade just made the night just that special.  I think at the time we felt on top of the world.

The Kind of things that Brings a Tear to my eye knowing that this school is no longer open. we were probably one of the more traditional bands in the city. and the sound we had was greater than many others. and right now today.many still give credit to where it's due. and have been following suit. yet still not making an Impact. 

Hopefully Our bands can get back to that though.. It's 4.49 man I'm Done

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