Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And Another Thing Is..

As I said, It’s all about doing it.
So Why Am I Not doing it?

Okay, Alright, I’ll admit this. I’m not afraid, but as far as that is concerned, my confidence level is pretty low.  and I really don’t have great social skills. I just do what I do because it’s what I know how to do.

I remember while working in Texas, A black woman  told me that I don’t sound professional over the phone. Yet, the white woman who came there every now and then said that I spoke well as compared to what she’s heard. and Honestly I don’t like the way I sound when I talk.

My Handwriting is bad. Being a Lefty is hard in a world that wants to be right (lol). I haven't written by hand in so long til my hands feel funny when i pick up a pen to sign my signature.

There are things that I really need to get together before I start working. I can’t drive.. Like for real.. being 25 and can’t drive is embarrassing. but I can’t.  it’s something I’ve never learned how to do. and I failed the Test 3 times… haven’t been back sense.

My thing is, I’m not satisfied with my own life to think that If i go apply anywhere that they will hire a 25 year old who can’t drive. That’s about all.

Everybody asks me about that too. “well how do you get around” .. I WALK…. Stop asking me   My Life has been on pause since i left Texas, and I’ve vowed to get me a job way back then.. Still haven't done what I should be doing… 

I just want to do something for me. I’m tired of trying to make other people happy..

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