Wednesday, April 21, 2010

See What They Do To Themselves

These Random Pictures of people I’m connected to via Facebook.

She States that it’s her 6th Tat and that Bella is Italian for Beautiful. ***BUZZ*** WRONG! Bello is Is Italian for beautiful   Otherwise it says “Nice” on her body. 

This is why I feel that nobody should get tats of Words. Especially when you don’t aren’t sure of the meaning.  Secondly, You’re black, Having something in Italian on your body
I’m no advocate of Tattoo’s. I like Looking at them on other people if its some big fancy design. otherwise i don’t care for tats. 

Also. She’s not too hot to begin so I’m guessing she has to remind herself by planting it there as a boost of confidence.

Here’s another i saw today (i saw this one prior to the one above)

There weren’t any captions but.. Although it may be a slogan or phrase to live by. It’s not that cool to live with on your body.

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