Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh Man! That Battle in front of Tip’s was Live!

McDonogh #35 Came to the performance Battle ready! After Wright Charter and St. Aug played there Selections,  35 came, St. Aug Turned around to battle them…. St. Aug Left and Walker marched in!  That was Live!.. i didn’t think there would be a crowd that big there this yea as well. but all events were outside today so it was all cool.

I took a few pictures of Wright’s band Prior to the start of the event.
because I filmed the event I only was able to get a few okay pics of the other bands.. it was pretty nice.

I’m currently uploading footage of  an event from this past Saturday so I wont be putting any media from yesterday up No time soon.


…… I might post 1 or 2 pics in this blog, but that’s all..

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