Monday, April 26, 2010

It Never Fails

I was going to blog about my Weekend at the battle but I’m Not right now, Why? Because My older brother called asking about my Dad (who had just had some kind of medical procedure done). He Suggested that I cook something today, I told him that I wasn’t going to be here to Cook, He was like “Well You’re there now…  so where are you going, like that?” I told him we didn’t have anything to cook and that I was going around Tip’s to record some bands.  His reaction: “If That’s What you want to do with your life.. But you Need To Find a D**N JOB!”  He hung up.

See, I was at band events over the weekend,  and when He called he could hear it in the background. I told him where i was when he asked. The Dude is over protective so he asks my location every time I'm not home.  … and then he always finds fault in it….

Aside from all that. What he doesn’t realize it that over the weekend I talked to one of the directors who happened to be judging the battles. He wanted another staff member on his team.  I told Him I’d think about it.
I’m going to do it.  My brother wont like it because I’d be around Bands (something I enjoy) so he will most likely play it off as if it’s not a real job. He’s done me that in the past.

In 2005 when I was Volunteering as BD of my old Jr. High School. He didn’t like it.. But I did..  I don’t really see why he’s all that concerned about what I do anyway.  He has a problem every time i leave the house.
THEY all act like I’m obligated to doing what they want me to do.  I don’t get that..
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