Saturday, April 10, 2010

So I've been Switching Things Around in here

I recently got a new Chest of Drawers as I told you a couple of entries ago.
it's pretty neat.  but I'm not necessarily done organizing my room to a the point of total comfort

Okay, Sooo .. Phone Call from Ashley, She created an account with to display and discover her journalistic abilities. It's great because she'll be paid. the only trouble she's having with is starting. or should i say. looking for a specific subject matter.  I know she wants to do a bit of it all. but out of that she doesn't know where to begin.

I told her about Hub Pages which is similar to Examiner, yet is more for people who likes doing product reviews or giving tips on health and thugs of that nature.  I hope she does well at it.

I'll Be Back..
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