Sunday, May 09, 2010

Can’t be doing that stuff

ah man, for the past 3 days I've watch my nephew from AM to PM and it sux. I even had to take him on to where i went to work on fixing a PC at.  He’s not really THE problem. it’s just that I’m deprived of going places when he’s around.

Today. I woke up with a phone call from my brother. He asked me  if my brother and nephew were awake, I wasn’t sure I’d just waken up. I said “yeah they’re sleeping” .. he asked me to ask my brother if he wanted to go to the zoo.  his answer was no…  So after that we hung up… at that point I couldn’t go back to sleep. so i put on some sweat pants and a T shirt to go walking…

Unfortunately I got a knock at the door, It was my brother with my nephew.. I’m like AWW MAN I WAS ABOUT TO LEAVE (i didn't say that).. but it caused me to set inside for about an hour until the baby got quiet. and i left out here for my walk.

While on route I spotted some guys who looks as if they were probably stealing copper off someone’s  home.  they noticed that i was looking kind of hard and they tried to hide. it was sad but funny that they tried to hide.. In my mind i was thinking of calling the police. but i didn’t.  Also. By the time I got back to that area The people who lived in the home were pulling in. I was thinking of going over there to talk to them. but there was also a guy not to far from the walk route  standing around who he looked similar to one of the guys who were on the property earlier. At this point. i just made my way home from that area.

Honestly I think i should have mentioned it. I was hoping that the guys would get busted though.

aside from that, My body hurts from all that waking. I need to do that more often.

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