Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I guess they’ll all just run away

Sometimes I want to be brutally honest with people, but I'm honestly afraid of being betrayed.

Not Afraid as in “Scared”. I just always seem to have a feeling that, people will dislike me if i start expressing my feelings toward certain things openly.  You may feel that i shouldn’t care, but i do care.

Also, There are situations where I’d say things which i feel are necessary and I’d get cussed out because of how i feel toward those situations. That makes me angry. The main reason is because I don’t curse. and I have no intention to curse anyone. so why shall i be called out of my name?

When I speak truth, the folks don’t want to hear it tend to run away from it. The ones who do entertain it try to prove me wrong, call me crazy because of my beliefs. or simply find a reason to hold a grudge against me.

There was a situation where somebody mentioned that i have a bad temper, I have no bad temper.  I just don’t like to be put on blast for unnecessary reasons. especially trying to tell me how to do things you can’t do.

Aside from all that. I realize that when i write things via facebook usually the same people reply because some of the things i’d say are crazy, no doubt.  and only few seem to respond when i ask serious questions or make serious statements regarding things I do or do not approve of.

I guess it all gives me a reason to blog more.  I’d rather have Feedback than to not have feedback at all. it doesn’t matter if you like it or not. this is why we have opinions. just because I don’t approve of something doesn’t mean you should cut ties with me.  that’s really your problem..

it’s a number of people  i’ve realized who have just recently come up missing from my contacts  via facebook, mainly based on statuses that they didn’t like.. Simply because I was either telling the truth, or giving my opinion based on factual knowledge.

Simple as that..

I’m Out.

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