Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another reason I know it will never happen.

In pursuit of a certain kind of girl, i realize that with some of those girls likely having some kind of social status just about makes them out of my league. Not saying that they’re better or worse. it’s just that. they are the type that will only choose someone who fits within their circle. and is meant to be with someone within that circle. 

Anyone outside of that circle would not be looked at as an equal. this is what Josiah and I talked about the other day. I won’t mention who’s names were spoken of nor their social statuses. but alot of it had to do with Finding someone willing to share your life with without holding anything back. or having some kind of weird “no fly zone” kind of rules as a regard of “who can say this about that”.. you know..

Well. It just made me think that. Even if i did have a chance at what I desire. its a possibility that it wouldn't work out simply because of the social status she has.

Sometimes i ask myself why can’t we all just be normal..lol

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