Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And The Band is Back from H-Town

Man oh Man!, That was a CRAZY TRIP!. The worst part about it was coming back to NO. The best was the fact that I got to see  and records some great performances.
The clip above is the end result of the trip... but BOY do I have a STORY!.. LOL
Saturday morning we all made it to the Fischer, it was about 8am, that's the time they asked us to be there/ after assuming we'd practice a halftime show 1 good time... but nah.. Time passed, and at 10 o'clock. The Worst Charter Bus or Earth comes to pick us up... It was way too packed, we had some folks to come in their own vehicles, that's just how bad it was

Aside from Being Over Capacity, We had broken seats, on the way I was in one that went far back like a recliner, the bad part is.. it was like that from the jump.   Just terrible man... We managed to make it to Delmar Stadium in Houston at about 5:30. once the battle began, everything was cool/

Despite doing a showe, spectators loved our band, I chilled in the press box to record the field portion of the battle. Before it officially got started though I went to catch up with folks who were in the band with me at TSU, many were staffers with GHASB's band. I even spotted folks from other colleges who  are members of bandhead.org. I even connected with folks I've ment via facebook and other events.

I even spoke with a band director i'd call a Legend, I wont mention his name but he's made his mark in Louisiana with a band in Lake Charles, LA.  It's an Honor to know that he knew me, spoke of me as if I'm an Icon or something., It makes me feel good.

Aside from that. I took a bunch of pictures.  check them out

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