Tuesday, June 29, 2010

That Trip Home was crazy though

Aside from snapping pics of sleepers and sitting on that cooler. Our bus broke down. we were in Beaumont for 6  Hours at a rest stop.

I should have taken more pictures but one was good enough. that was a Freedom Riders bus ..lol

and the bus they sent for us was the exact same model. just with better seats.. the worst part was folks fighting for seats or making a big deal of everything.

you had people taunting the driver as well as folks doing things they shouldn’t have been doing anyway.  there was also one guy who came on the trip who did absolutely nothing.  sad…


We made it back to N.O. sometime after 1. between that time i facebooked via my blackberry with random pics of folks sleeping. and I texted up with my girl J.. boy do I miss her.

that’s My girl man..lol ..



The two last pics u saw were from Before the  Battle.

I feel great man..

the sad part is that all the folks who didn’t show up or doubted us  keep calling me. I’m tired ..lol I ain’t awake yet! lol the clips are online stop waiting for ME to put out the footage. I ain’t in a rush. lol.  ya know..

We went there and good house.. I’m Good! Now Houston wants to do an Alumni Band as well so they can come at us.. thats cool ..lol

I went there and enjoyed myself. therefore I’m well. All i need to do is put up some money. order me some cards and get myself together on that note

I’m out for now..

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