Monday, June 21, 2010

Finally A New Pair Of Magnum Boots

Viper II 8My First Pair in 4 years. .. FINALLY… while in Living  Houston I bought some Magnums of the  Stealth series. This time I got the Magnum Viper II with the Zipper on the side. at first i didn’t care for the zipper thing but I realized the value of it after trying on the shoe.

I love the way they fit. It’s fairly Comfortable. I bought them at Academy Sports & Outdoors, In Harahan  Prior to that I saw them for a higher price at  The Sports Authority, I would have gotten the smaller shoe, but I came there for Boots, That’s what I wanted.

With That said, I went over to Walmart in Hopes to finding Dickies in my size. Instead I ran across a pair of those Mechanix Gloves I’ve been trying to get for so long.  I’m glad I have’em now.  At the same time, I still haven’t found my pants!! lol I need to go to Soul Train and get some Dickie Fits Before Saturday!  … Why? well, For the Battle in Houston that’s why!. I got the Okay to record in the press box so I’m Good!

Back to the Boots

I like these boots because they’re comfortable and could be worn with anything just about.  I wore my Stealth II’s as Marching Boots.. those were like Police boots too.  In Academy there were many other brands though, I had no desire to get them… I almost DIDNT get the boots.. glad i did though.. I’m Good for now.

Magnum is a Beast!

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