Monday, June 21, 2010

Those Ordinances Should Be Changed

After reading much about the new ordinances put in place by city government as a way to stop street entertainers from performing at night. .along with watching This Video of  NOPD shutting down TBC Brass Band.  I listened to everything the officer stated and i understood it clearly. He came to have them all sign a receipt stating that they acknowledge the ordinances.. He wanted to assure that they are knowledgeable of these regulations. so that they wont be surprised if they were Written up for Violating The Ordnances.

Prior to that… in these words after a Bandsmen asked about the enforcement The Officer implied 

“alot of Complaints..We’ve got a New Mayor, New Police Chief and a New City Council and Every bodies got Something to prove […] Alot of people have been complaining about it […] We’re not Selectively Enforcing the Law” ….

I’ve Touched on the subject in complaints in an earlier entry. but at this point. After a general analysis of those statements. it seems as though they are Targeting street entertainers because they (those in power) don’t really understand the significance of of street entertainment  Therefore they ARE Selectively Enforcing the Law. Apparently those complaints neighborhood Residents which are Minority of the Quarters and does not represent it’s Non Residential areas.

The Officer Told them

“You Don’t Have to Take them Lying Down; We have Elected Officials, Law Enforcement. All I’m doing is Enforcing the Law.,,,  City Council, a Legislative branch of the Government. They Make These Laws, Just because they make them does not mean they are submitted in stone, they could amend them

at this point. Lisa Responds “We’ll Take It there

The Officer Mentions That Unlike the Officers patrolling the Area, He was Specifically assigned to take upon duties of issuing out The Notices as well as assuring that those rules are being followed. He also Stated that If the guys wanted can schedule a meeting with the District Commander if they’d like.

This officer basically told them the Laws of the land, which was a great thing and The guys even agreed to accept the paperwork once the everything was explained. With that said, Although this particular officer did not force them to sign the paperwork, He insisted that they should adhere to the notion prior to Leaving the scene.

As the Officer Stated.. They Don’t have to take it lying down…

….We have gotten that just by watching the People Protest In the streets as well as Write blog entries Such as this one. in favor of street entertainers in the past week. Our voices are being heard. The Quarter’s Majority, consist of people who work in the area they love the Street Entertainment too. Like Explained in Articles such as the one about HBO’s Treme at CNN. when people come to New Orleans, it’s what they Expect and It’s part of what Makes New Orleans Unique.

With All of that being said.  After Reading up on alot of these ordinances   I’ve decided to get in my Mode of critical analysis which prompted me to do this…

It may seem Crazy on My part.. but i HAD  Break it down in a Similar Fashion of The Codes

Ordinances by definition are resolutions of public injunction,  Although they are established By Law. They are Not Laws and shall not be accepted Nor Enforced as laws. Why? They are Represented by Codes. A Code is Not A Law.

Those Codes represent whatever The Government chooses Control. The Government can not enforce a code because a code is not a law. As a registered citizen of the City of New Orleans, We have the right to demand that the definition of the code be changed.  We can March in Protest and Express our rights as Citizens,

Unfortunately Local Government does not have to accept any proposals made by it’s citizens. Why? because they are in control. Although we vote to put those Officers in place. we can not vote for Ordinances to pass They  are chosen by Decision of the Council’s Majority. Those Codes Generally Used as The Concept of Their Authority. Because of it. They will Enforce what they Can Control.  As Citizens They Can Restrict Our Liberties as they please, but Only if that Restriction is a Law. Otherwise we can not be detained in violation.

It's unlawful to Arrest anyone doesn't choose to abide by a Code. An Officer can only insist that you follow the rules or move to another location. Otherwise  they can issue citation as part of an intimidation factor in hopes that you are submissive in following their laws.. That in itself will probably be a Simple warning. or even a court summons which you may have to pay a fine.

No Representative of The Governing Body such as a police officer can force you to sign a any contracts stating that you acknowledge an ordinance as a Law.  If you do so , You have given them the Consent to arrest you in violation of The Law.

We Do Not have to accept these Codes nor Abide by the regulations in which they represent.. but Unfortunately by birth we're registered Citizens of the corporate ward we call New Orleans, LA. and As long as we are, under it's jurisdiction all ordinances apply to us. Whereas they also apply our to Wardens.  But Due to the fact that Our Wardens are responsible for Managing the city. They take it upon themselves to  Use Their System against Us.

The Regulations are in place as a Means to limit the liberty of Civilian Citizens.  By Law, Citizens have the right to oppose of City ordinances.  After All, They are not Laws.


With that said… Can somebody correct me on some of these issues?… because to be honest, all of that was just written off the back of my head. simply based on general knowledge of  common law.  so correct me if I’m wrong.  But I’m just calling it like I see it.

It’s a Strong possibility that City Council will take in to consideration ruling partly in favor of street acts. they will likely (and i hope they) Come to an agreement which allows the bands to play between 8pm and 6pm.  

If I had any say so over the whole ordeal. I would suggest that they be allowed to play  on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Including Federal Holidays, sporting events and Festivals whether local or National.  It would make perfect sense. to allow them to play past 8. One Those days, when Tourism is Booming, They become spectacles of everything New Orleans has to offer.  The TBC Brass Band Has been Welcoming Visitors To The Bourbon Street Entrance For Many years and are appreciated for there work.  .. But The Law Says Otherwise. 

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