Thursday, June 03, 2010

Quitting would be senseless on his part.

My Older Brother has been working with the same company for a while. The company changed management and are not taking the Company Vehicles away to save money. My brother feels that they’re targeting him though because of an accident he had on the job.  which isn’t the case at all, They’re taking them from everyone.

Now He’s upset that he’s going to have to catch the bus to work. He estimated that it will be $1500 a year and that he’d be losing money rather than making money.  at this point he feels like the Job is cheating him out of money. 

Note: this dude saves nearly every penny he gets but is too stingy to buy himself a car. He has enough to buy a brand new Car, but he feels that the cars that are being sold aren’t good enough. He wants something like a Mini Van as he had pre Katrina. They don’t make those like they used to.

As much as he talks about how much he makes & manages amongst us, He doesn’t realize that he’s holding himself back. at least my cousins and other family who do have a decent income has the sense to enjoy what they have.  This dude just goes to work and home, every now and then he goes to a family gathering or to an event like WWE.  That’s cool but dang man  you gotta live a little more.

I know I’m a homebody but dang If I had a Job any job. I'd be enjoying the money I have. While saving and spending appropriately. I don’t even have one and I know exactly what I’d be doing when i get one.  I’m not gonna be Selfish with my earning i know that much.

I wouldn’t be trying to quit a job just because I’m upset with the way things are going. I’d just do my part. make the money and move on. He feels that if he catches the bus he probably wouldn’t work as hard knowing that he has to go back home dirty.. come on man It’s Life… LIVE!!

This is why I gotta start .. He’s coming here today. at 6 Im leaving I know he’s gonna be wondering where I’m at. but that’s on him because I’ll just walk out … I’m heading to this practice. around that time.

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