Thursday, July 15, 2010

Folks are Some-timing, man.

yeah this is another situation taken out of context.
Now, I don’t always expect to be “Amended” all the time.  but I’m seriously starting to dislike that when I try to get my point across. people start taking it the wrong way.
For example. I told Charles that he was hardly ever mentioned for any credit to the band.  for some reason I think he was mad when he responded with “And…”  now. on one end he felt that it was because it was a group effort. but on the other end.  every where u go, He Nor Walt’s names were never mentioned on the forum in regard to The “Who’s Who” behind the band.  it wasn’t anything big but I had to let the dude know that I didn’t think it was fair to him.
You also had a situation where I Posted a clip and everybody asked me to take it down because it DID sound band. but that wasn’t because of me. that was because of me.
Or More recently This…
I wrote a Status saying “Herb said My clips made it look like we were getting blown out…  It wasn’t my fault
... I’m Referring to the VISUAL.. right.
So Dude comes on my page with this.
See. At this point. It makes me wonder what he was talking about because I haven’t said anything bad about the band, Nobody in the band asked my opinion therefore i had no reason to critique . My general outlook was clarifying what others had recently assumed when in reference to what the bands are doing.  Don’t blame me for what you do. I have yet to see any quote stated by me in regard to being Critical
I was there from the beginning and I know what’s up. IMO its other people out here making the band look like a disaster. yet they’re so Bent up about what I say.  My Post are always supportive. but I’m not Bias I will tell you what I think when or even when its not  necessary.
There was also this cat who Doesn’t know anything about nothing and he’s asking questions. “Why are you so in a rush to post footage if u think its bad?  .. smh some folks cant read, because I don’t think the clips are bad at all. My Status was  a statement in relation to someone elses thoughts.
I Replied to the status that I thought that Smokey had a better picture and angle, but folks don’t like it vecause he doesn’t show the drummers.  but Overall The Clips sound the same as mine or franks because of the Conditions we were dealing with.
Oddly enough they’re parsing him because he has “Better footage”.. mainly because he’s filming forum overhead and had little issues with people standing in his way.  I think it’s funny because I was talking to Smokey and we both were talking about how bad our clips were and how people are accusing us of Being Too far away or too close.. Yet they are not out on the field getting this footage in.
End the end. This is why I’m gonna stop doing things for free.  Because cats never appreciate what u do. please note I do a lot of this Voluntarily. but most recently  It’s like I’ve been wasting my time. 
Don’t rush me  and then criticize me for not having something how YOU like it. It’s My Work, I will do it at my own pace.  Folks Need to be Patient some times.
all this because somebody takes what I said out of context, generally I’m bringing you the truth.
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