Friday, July 30, 2010

It’s Friday!

Today I was going to head out to the Parade for the Delta Sigma Theta convention, But yesterday My sister put me to work.  so now I’m going to have to fix someone's PC before tomorrow evening. Meaning that My weekend will be busy. because I do plan on hanging out, at least until 9.

So I got this PC at maybe 7:30 / 8:00. I went to hook it up and I did a Cceaner scan. 7gb removed in one scan. WOW!  the problem is that she hasn’t been able to get online. I’m not sure if i can fix that until I hook that pc to my main router by wire. I tried wirelessly and got nowhere. My plan is to scan for viruses but I don’t have MSE on my External so that’s gonna have to wait.

In Other News ..Yesterday while on Facebook writing random statuses and some lil young dude named Andrew from a local charter school came on my profile like an anus. talking a bunch of unnecessary mess. I thought he was joking until he came 3 times again.  This guy is in some bodies Marching band here and I don’t think he realizes the power that I have to destroy his Lifespan within any band here in the city or even in a college.  but I won’t do it. I won’t even delete him from my friends list. simply because what he said was stupid.

All he knows is that he see’s me taking pictures around the band he’s in.  I guess he doesn’t realize that my work can make him or break him. I’m like dude, you were born in 1992.  Grow Up some… lol


This Morning I got a call from J, She asked me to delete that thread I made in regard to her profile image as seen here below.  because one of the girls from the team reposted the link on  facebook, she really wasn’t sure how it was gonna affect her status on the team so she just asked me to get rid of it.  jermane1

Smh. it’s 3:08 and Im still trying to connect this  PC to the internet.. the network adapter is non existant.. yet its installed. what kind  of stuff is that.

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