Saturday, July 10, 2010

Man, Folks is Crazy for real.

It’s wild because  folks are crazy man. So I showed up to practice with a feeling that I was being talked about. and yet when I got in there folks were asking me not to Video the Band.  So I started snapping pics, cats asked me not to do that either…  The Funny part about it was that everybody laughed when Bonds asked me to not do it.

The Word got around that Video was posted online of recent practices.  I’m telling them that If so. it wasn’t mine. because the Video I have was protected and for certain folks  “On staff” to see… right… but I was asked to stop recording Twice because of VIDEO not pictures .. the thing was.. there are no recent Videos online publically

I posted a video from 3 weeks ago to facebook and claimed it was 7/8 .. just to confuse folks.  and I think they bought into the propaganda .. I’m sitting here and I saw a recent clip of Houston’s online… and it’s a monster…  Maybe they did it because of me..

With that said.

I was told from Carl that someone found pictures I had pictures on my  personal page at bandhead. yet the pictures i have Directly on there are from 2 weeks ago.

What I Do have is Pics in this blog. which feeds on to other sites like bandhead… If someone found it. that’s because it’s what they were looking for. because I made no mention of the band outside of my blog. Nor did i tell people to go see them. These pics were to be seen by my average reader. and I know that my average readers are not sitting amongst me daily. and they act like its a problem, as if I did something wrong..

With that said, Carl also told me that everybody was pissed because it was like I was exposing the band or something. It’s pictures. It’s what I do. it’s what Have to do, with out it. I feel like I’m not doing my part. 

I was supposed to be doing a Documentary on this thing.  but I can’t because  they don’t want me to get any footage. And then, I was getting this all at short notice. .. If it’s a documentary.. I need to Document FOOTAGE!!! .. It’s what I do.. I can’t enjoy what I’m doing if I can’t do it how  I need to do it.

The folks I talked to said they haven’t seen them that’s the crazy part..

The whole time I was thinking it was about Clips or something that was on facebook. All the while it’s just some fool running his mouth while I aint in the room…  so Now I can’t tape something that I’m part of…

Watch how they want me to post footage tomorrow.

I’m not the kind of brother to brag on myself. but I’ve come to a realization that Folks who can’t do it like me, always find something wrong with what I’m doing.  I Guess It’s because I’m The Book..

Shame.. the wild part is.. these are the same folks who steadily ask “Book, when you gon’ put the pics and vids up”  Stop rushing me man..

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