Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ain’t Got time for all that playin

So earlier today I was talking to Tramaine via Facebook because he asked me about info from a school. afterwards he goes on to say some ole fruity stuff like “i got a surprise for you”… I ignored that post. Low and behold, I get a message from a girl named Angelle who we both attended high school with.  she asks “Did you talk to Tramaine?, he told me you asked about ne earlier”… I said No…  because I didn’t ..

That was the end of that conversation because I have no interest in her. Tramaine on the other hand is an Anus for putting me out like that. I never mentioned her name ever. in fact I didn’t know her name in high school.  The dude likes to be dumb. I just don’t understand it.  Seems like every time I'm having a good day. this dude just ruins the moment.

It’s one reason I don’t tell him anything now. The Last time he did me that some girl cussed me out in front of a crap load of negroes and they were all like “how u let her talk to u like that”..  cause apparently it made me “fake” . This is why I don’t play those games. but these fools steadily try to test me. but i don’t let it get to me. I never forget it. because they think its funny. but I don’t appreciate that at all. because in many ways it’s like being rejected.

With that said, I don’t understand why he would do me that, now this girl thinks I like her. I don’t play them kind of games man… I just don’t.

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