Sunday, August 08, 2010

Bandhead Critiquing: Some just cant take it.

Although this has been ongoing for years and years. I just had to state it one good time on the forum. and although it applies to every debate on the site. I specifically placed this in the recent Doll Vs J-Sette Thread on the site simply because This argument like many others in the past has gotten out of hand. This is simply because these folks can’t take the opinions of rival fans. They are also overlooking general standards of The Art. while making these comparisons.  with that said. Here’s what I had to say.

This forum was made specifically for the purpose of Comparison Contrasts.
We all state our opinions, majority is based on fact, therefore there will forever be a debate.

But Here's where we all fail. you all want to be 100% right when there is no answer.

If 2 dance teams do everything completely differently. the the General Argument should only be based on Common standards of Dance and how they apply those techniques. Aside from that Each team has their own standards that only team members know of.. You all may see the Visual but you don't Truly KNOW why they do it the way they do.

With that said. It's Not about a Doll Strut versus the Prance of a J-Sette. That's just how they decide to March.. .

To use Bands for an example: Musical & Marching Terminology is the same across the board. each band applies these things differently. and has their own styles and standards. So when you watch these bands do similar things, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're copying or doing something Wrong. They're just following Traditional standards of their program.

With that said.. You can either LIKE it or DISLIKE IT.. It's YOUR OPINION. There's no reason to Call somebody out just because they have an opinion.

we all should be Critiquing about the basics and standards across the board Not Bashing each other because our our opinions as it relates to these organizations.

That's all i have to say about that.

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