Friday, August 13, 2010

Slight Changes

I'm trying something new here with my blog, After recently signing on to and with my social feeds all in a bind, I decided to share them at the bottom of my blog. This currently only includes the blip feed and Facebook links. as well as the profile (for now at least).. Generally, this blog IMO is my home site. everything else is secondary to this.

I'm normally on Facebook hats why I decided to share that particular feed.. I may be removing the  a few things from my sidebar as well. such as ads, I haven't generated any incoming revenue for a hot minute. I think that's the one i may remove.the one in the side bar while leaving the ones between entries.

I may be  going lower on displayed blog posts too, I currently have 4 days of blogs on display. That may change to 3 days. or maybe 4 Entries on display. It's all to not only decrease the down-scrolling. but to not have so many entries on one page. all together. Because If I decide do blog 5 in a day, that will just stretch front page more. and to be honest. I'm trying to make this thing appeal more to my readers than myself. while using My way of thinking to figure this out.  I'll get it how i want it though. so I'm good.

As for Blogging.. 

Initially when I began this blog I was putting anything and everything on my blog. mainly about myself or to get things off of my head. but  generally I was really doing what a blogger should do, and that's blog.  But when I realized folks were paying attention. I started writing more about things that I care about on a local and global scale.

In a way, I was trying to get more "Blog readers" rather than a bunch of people who were nosy.. and I've managed to do both. there are people who say "I read your blog".. and its surprises me every time because none of them follow me publicly. and the whole time, that's what I aiming for. Since the beginning of this  I've learned that my opinion is powerful, and that once it's written, the impact more powerful than just saying it verbally..people you mention eventually find themselves reading your stuff. 

There were times where I tried to make my blog more "ME". and I've accomplished that. and  Now with Bloggers new features, It's made it much easier to customize without having to go through too much of coding. 

With the up-rise of social networks, people have jumped on somewhat of a timeline bandwagon, nobody wants to blog, or discuss anything with substance. they only want their voices heard. and that's not the reason I have a blog. I have a blog for social interactions and Truth is. My blog has had a positive impact on my life Over time I've learned to be a better blogger because of it..

To Finish this off, all I can say is.. Pardon my Sharing, because I'm making strides to make it live! ... and you can pronounce "live" it either way to get the point.

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