Friday, August 06, 2010

Started Something! “Who Dun It First”

I just posted some classic Texas Southern band pictures from the bands facebook album. and because I simply stated that The Ocean introduced the Circle drill to the SWAC, The debate has begun. Now There were some facts posted by RJ, but this caused another old schooler “Greyskull” to say that SU’s been doing the circle drill since before Doc was directing.  that would also mean that the it was pre jukebox &  show style at SU
It was discussed via Facebook last week between Myself Daniel and Dixon that these directors were well bent on out doing each other in the 60’s and 70’s because they were so close. along with the fact that they both were introduced to the drill styles by the bands up north.  
I want this thread on the sport to get Rowdy. because IMO its a healthy debate, worthy of the discussion of historical facts. LOL

Here are a few of the Pictures posted of The Ocean of Soul band

The other’s HERE on the Facebook Page
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