Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Y Come Wednesdays are back on the sport

i had to make it since the return of the off-topic forum, once called “Club MXP” now called  “The Black Top”  Here’s the Thread stating the rules of the topic.

Here were my “Y Come’s” for today

  • Y Come I aint do this in a long time?
  • Y Come everybody so angry on here?
  • Y Come you all might think were power crazy?
  • Y Come But  the truth is?
  • Y Come We're seriously gonna be deleting posts and threads this year?
  • Y Come So this lil dude came on my facebook page talking smack?
  • Y Come for the third week in a row?
  • Y Come so i took time out to band him from here?
  • Y Come I made him so mad, he deleted me as his facebook friend?
  • Y Come HAHA!?
    Y Come  Don't come at me stupid?
  • Y Come Because I will Ban You?
  • Y Come It's hard to run a site like this?
  • Y Come when folks think its cool to make fake profiles?
  • Y Come or Try to Knock other people for what they do?
  • Y Come and cant do it themselves?
  • Y Come I'm trying to keep this as general as possible?
  • Y Come speaking of that?
  • Y Come Replacing the Club MXP Forum?
  • Y Come Had to do it?
  • Y Come It's Vital To Out Membership?
  • Y Come I hope you all enjoy it?
  • Y Come I got PV in the Featured box?
  • Y Come They are rarely featured up here?
  • Y Come But It's Almost LDC?
  • Y Come and they need to get a little Recognition?
  • Y Come Just until the Ocean Blows them off the map once again?
  • Y Come LOL?
  • Y Come  I'm Just Playin.
  • Y Come I Love My PV Brothers and Sisters!?
  • Y Come But I’m Reppin For The Ocean?
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