Monday, August 02, 2010

Eyes are Blue, But You Aint White

So I was looking at some pictures of a party Via Facebook, which included models, both male and female.  The females were getting painted up on many of the pictures. they were all beautiful females no doubt. but one of them was a darker woman with blue eyes.  she was in multiple pictures and is a beautiful. but why the blue contacts?  That looks just as crazy as anyone wearing red or white contacts.

As a Man, I can deal with things women do regarding how they groom themselves, But Colored contacts are not natural, and I can’t stand the fakeness. My Niece and sisters have tendencies to wear grayish contacts.  but that’s them. I really don’t care for it. it’s just what they do. I guess they think its cute.  I don’t think its cute at all. Cute is for babies, if you’re a grown BLACK woman, you should enjoy yourself in your natural state.

Every Morning we all have to wake up and get ourselves prepared for the day. or what ever it is that we’re going to do  for the moment. But when you have to put your eyes in your head everyday, it says that you don’t like what you see in your own self image. I could understand if you’re Modeling and it’s part of your “get-up” but if you really walk around daily thinking that every male will be interested in your false appearance, something is wrong with you.

As for me, I’m not a fan of things that don’t look natural, there are things that I don’t mind and as I said earlier that I have to deal with. but odd colored eyes will never be one of them. Maybe there are some blacks who were born with blue eyes. but if its in their genes that’s just who they are. we all aren’t pure black. but our traits stand out clearly amongst other races. I’m an advocate of being who an individual, but If you’re one of those people who spend time pretending to be someone that you’re not. nobody will take you seriously. I love my black people no mater how they decide to groom themselves. But you have dark skin, with blonde or bronzed up hair with blue eyes; you weren’t born that way. who are you?

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