Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Set of Random Images

I’ve been having a ball with this and I’ll continue now.

This Particular Image is from the Band which played at B. Frank’s Funeral.

Eroin: Soul Rebels Saxophonist

An Album I have called “Puppet Jazz” it’s full of German jazz instrumentals


The Frog I removed from the back of my house. I guess he was feasting on some bugs behind my house. I just removed him from that area of my home and put him out in the front yard.  I’ve seen a number of them since then. They’re good for keeping down the insect count.  Which reminds me of the dead Lizard i found my sink while washing dishes

Call Me Lame but Yep I Have it!

This one too, gotta keep it “New Orleans”

What’s funny is that.. These are from June.. and here’s a comic relief for ya. Back at the K, Tramaine would write that On the blackboard in the band room. .. Note: “I know what you did last summer” had nothing to do with the scream mask.. but we found it funny.

Funny how Kennedy people caught on to this.. it was actually  meant for the Frat folks in KKPsi  and the Idea of “Throwing K’s”… Mario gets to do it Literally. .. oh and aside from that. my boy Josh who’s old username was “SuperMario” on Msport is a member of KKPsi, I tagged him in the picture

LOL This album Cover speaks for itself

Local Rapper Sess 4-5. This is a still frame from the video cam of course

I told folks this was our bus on fire when we (the Band) got stuck in Beaumont this past summer.. it’s a screenshot from “Speed”



.. Taco Bell anyone?

My Brother Jaime. this is an old picture but hey. it’s him.


7 Screenshot

I got more, I aint done. but I’ll pause here.

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