Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some other Randomness In Imagery

The Extended Version of Randomness

Time to time on the band site, we tend to Deem threads “Slaw” if they’re not worth discussing or if the thread or post (or User) is considered to be Lame, or makes a lame post. sometimes you have to take it to another level I take it another level.  Much of that has to do with creating Smack Images. it’s what We do..

  In this particular case. the guy gets a  word wrong as well as creates a thread to discuss something nobody wants to talk about.  catching an “Organism” ..LOL ..we all know he meant “Orgasm”.. but the thread’s too "Out there” for the site… so I deleted it. .. not only because of that though.. because the video has little to do with anything normally discussed on the site.

Here’s another one. only this time I actually posted the “slaw” image to the site as a reply.

Oh I caught this lie earlier .. The “Crab” is so repped out on YouTube so he states that he has a full scholarship. and everybody in that band knows that they don’t give full scholarships. 
Two Comments beneath by warehorseboi08 and JukeBtone it makes it even funnier to me .. (inside band reference)

This  Next Image was a guy who taunted me on facebook and I banned him from banhead,org until he deleted me as a friend. I asked him to do it simply because he took tme to comment under many of my statuses in a negitive way. I didn't appreciate the dude calling me names. so I straight embarrassed him in this way… Simply letting him know that I have control in the band world.. lol

Smack Talk Live in a screenshot!

Here’s a WWII Propaganda Spoof Poser .. The real one says “Hitler” not Osama

WWII Propaganda Spoof: In The

this is so horrible,  Paparazzi Stalkers use Olympus! lol (yes its fake)

Bayou Billy: or shall i say Crocodile Dundee  which is fairly similar to the game itself. Here’s basically a spoof created and posted at (as well as the Olympus and propaganda spoof pics)

If you don’t  get this .. Dial is Laid Backwards..

REAL WWII Propaganda here.

this one is also real.. screams ILLUMINATI!

This is  also Real WWII Propaganda it’s racist against Japanese too too..


The Classic Joseph S. Clark Bulldogs band of N.O.


Barney was at the Rodney King Beating!.. LOOK!

The story of my life ..

… I’ll end This post HERE.

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