Friday, September 10, 2010

I should have stayed rested.

I think I’ll lay down when WWE goes of air. I’ve been Aching since i came back from the festivities of yesterday and last night.  aside from that I got up Early to watch my nephew, Good think i wont have to watch him for the next 5 days

I’m not feeling great at all.
Tomorrow I’ll be attending that football game. Recording. that’s all. 

you know, I’ll have to wait until this clip uploads and processes, that’s going to be nearly 2 hours from now.
This is only part 1, I haven’t put the other stuff up at all. shame..

My Opinion on the Parade itself .. It could have been better. the idea of having a series of Concert performances during the parade was dumb to me. but hey. that’s how they do out here now.

Man I’m in pain. lol

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