Friday, September 10, 2010

Naomi is already ready!

You See her huh!. She was ready for the WWE!. She’d be great competition… she seems like she’s the girl from the hood that everybody is cool with or wants to be cool with and can hold her own.. I think she’s ready for WWE already, I’m glad she’s on NXT, although they have these Childish athletic yet athletic way of eliminating rookies.

JR is even impressed by Naomi. Why? Because He knows She’s Prepared for Battle. She’s not Your Prissy Diva, She’s got the Element of the Hood and will BEAT YOU DOWN!!

If she makes it She’d be my favorite Diva.

They like Aksana too. she’s cool but she aint gonna make it past Naomi ..

The Coolest part. She’s a Dancer.. if you  haven’t seen her debut match.  … you’ll know after watching this match due to Striker’s Commentary.

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