Friday, September 24, 2010

I’m heading out

One of my older cousin Curtis made like 34 Tuesday i believe.  Tonight He’s Celebrating his Birthday at some club out on Basin street. I’ll be there with my older brother for about an hour. then I’m coming back home. I’m not an “all night” kind of person. I’m supposed to be leaving for about 9 and I’m not ready. My clothes are ready, but I’m watching my nephew now so I haven’t hopped in the tub yet.

I was waiting for his dad to come get him. but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen soon.  This dude’s been driving me up the wall all day. same ole thing has he does daily (get in to things he shouldn’t) but today he just decided to make so much noise.  Always wants something but never wants to comply with me. I try to feed him, he doesn’t want what I make.  I start eating, he cries for what I have..  Josh, Josh, Josh, Josh, Josh…. He Repeats Over and Over. so I respond. “What… What… What…” every time he says it. It’s cool sometimes yet so aggravating because he does it all day non-stop.

.. I’ll get One more match in tonight and then get ready.. I gotta hit up the tub or the shower or something.

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