Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why is this dog lookin’ at Me? lol

This is Just a random Entry being that I have nothing Else to do.

Currently I’m at an attempt to do a Video from the TV with some screen/video capture hardware and software.  The sad part is that the program I normally use to do this has malfunctioned.  So I’m Repairing.. and may be Deleting the program itself…

other than that The game I’m capturing screens on is just awaiting Capture…

I was on Twitter today retweeting someone else's tweets basically. LOL

Last weekend I switched my room around, never mentioned it here till now though.

I should have attended Hampfest. I saw a news report on it but I didn’t attend.

Speaking of news..
Corruption Stands Greatly in New Orleans, Louisiana..  Thinks can never be done right if these folks keep start Bopping heads!
Nepotism at it’s finest.  The Key to Louisiana Business & Politics
The Whole System is a Mistake. and needs to be Gutted and RENEWED

My Nephew was here today, can’t get much done with him here.

I’m going to have to do like Bruce Lee said and start Acting upon my thoughts

Sunday.. Game time.. and My nephew will be here again.. and for the rest of the week.. but you know what. I might leave tomorrow because I don’t feel like watching him. lol I can’t do anything with him here.

.. The Dog is In my way..
Trying to make Changes, Soluto’s still doing wonders..

lol on Twitter I was Tweeting so much about How Females are and how We men like them.. Some of my female followers caught on and replied. that was funny.

speaking of that.. one girl i responded to, made this tweet soon after I responded to her “Some of my followers are ugly”.. how rude is that?  Other than that. She’s not “Cute” herself. and she’s heavily made up, .. I don’t get it, but that’s what “They” do.

Currently Drinking Purple Hawaiian Punch… yep

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