Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Imagery: The Randomness


Cheese on my Fries: September 18th  Cant Believe nobody knew what that was.


This Hornets Decked Out Car on France Street. I saw it while walking through the 9th ward (that’s where France Street Is)

A Few Months back, I spotted The Only Empty Parking Spot at one of those hotels while hanging out with a friend.

My AmeriCorps*Vista Group Reservation ID

By the way.. I took these with my Cell  Such as this one while, “Sleeping” on the day I got a fresh hair cut..


Or the day I got my New Magnum Boots.. They’re comfortable.. untill you’re out All Day In them



I uploaded this a while back, when I got in contact with my old Junior high school band director, i tagged him to this tuba part.. he wrote it out.. .. I played it in

This was Breakfast at some point in July

Cheddar sleeping next to my


That’s all for now.. Other stuff will be here later on today.

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