Friday, September 24, 2010

JTG’s The Man, Even Though He Lost to Primo.

There’s something about JTG I think is cool. I guess it’s because he’s still playing an exaggerated roll of a Hip-Hop “Hoodlum”. for some reason I look it him like an Updated and younger version of 2 Cold Scorpio, and maybe D-Lo Brown. The Dude is Agile and although he’s not a High Flyer He’s light on his feet and seems to execute his moves like a power wrestler.

To Me, He Loses out when he decides to taunt his opponent while building up Momentum. It Takes too long, he gets caught up in the moment and Bam.. he’s out…  It’s the reason Primo Wins this match…. But It’s always happened to JTG … 

I think there should be  somewhat of storyline associated with JTG & Primo, making them Rivals (Primo being the Heel)… I think that JTG should “Steal” AJ Lee from Primo as  a way to get back at primo for the loses or something dealing with both of their  gimmicks.  .. Most likely AJ won’t stay for the remainder of NXT but I know she’ll eventually be a WWE Diva, but there’s enough time to do that on Superstars. 

When Shad comes back They should continue their feud That would be nice.

I love watching WWE Superstars because aside from the Monday night & NXT Highlights. it’s all about the Matches. not too much on anything extra.  some matches have somewhat of a story-like following but they’re usually small cards. Of course they’re taped matched because they  take place before Smackdown as NXT does. but the matches are just as entertaining and you don’t always get the same 2 people competing against each other  every week.

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