Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Because I Feel Like It | More Random Images

A Background I’m using on my desktop

This is Funny

The Legend of Zelda. one of my fav’s of all times.

Gotta Love Snoop! .. WWII Fake Propaganda Poster

My Boy Charles, Proving Himself as a Band Director.

A Jacket Given to me in High School by my middle school director. it actually says Class of 2000 at the bottom. I was Class of 1999. LOL

a Real WWII Propaganda poster. .. I guess this partially means “Let men do the work”

Abdullah The Butcher!.. Behind a Meat Counter .. reminds me of Corner stores in N.O.

Halloween Havoc 1991, I have it on Bootleg DVD. Great yet oh so Boring Matches took place. alot of Gimmicky Material that was done badly. but it was great for it’s time.  Rick Rude’s WCW Debut at was that Event.  Paul E. Dangerously! was going Nuts!

A Pic of my sisters from back in the day .. funny because my nieces look just like them

another real WWII Propaganda Poster. I think it’s Funny….

Another one is underway, I’ll end this one here for now though.

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