Thursday, October 14, 2010

After watching a random religious video on facebook I had to say something

Basically, this dude was harassing a preacher at an attempt to expose & correct what the bible says. Yet the minister stood his ground the whole time. I kinda thought it was wise, yet ignorant. because it’s dumb to argue over religious matters or bible figures.
They got into the wrongdoings and riotousness of man, Basically questioning if man was greater than sin… eventually The Life of Melchizedek was brought in to play, basically trying to say that There was another man as perfect as Jesus Christ… or Yehoshua as he wanted it to be said simply because he believes that Jesus is a Pagan name.  at this point the preacher Backed off.  saying that he hadn’t heard of it. and admitted that he’s still learning and that he’s not just going to know everything off jump.
At this point 10 minutes into a 15 minute video I stopped the video because it was taken way out of context.

I scrolled down to some comments and I saw that the maker of the video posted
Hebrews 7: 1-5 to prove folks wrong saying that preachers try to say that Jesus was the only perfect man but Melchizedek he has no Genealogy.. (therefore he’s like Christ)  No Man.. That’s not necessarily what that means.. Yet it’s all interpretation.
The Bible States that This man was appointed King of Salem (Jerusalem) by God. it says nothing about him being perfect.  .. saying that he has no mother of father basically means that He Had No Ties to the Bloodline of Kings and Queens that ruled Jerusalem.
… After saying that within comments, someone posted beneath me saying this…
Who Are the True Believers? Where Are These People?
I Responded: depends on the definition of truth WE depend of Faith as a way of "Believing" .. therefore There is only assumption of truth based on what is written. otherwise we're not sure all is fact or fiction..
at this point that person Responded back basically asking
What is the purpose of this debate? Or we building or destroying, I'm out.
I FEEL THAT!.. afterwards a lady basically responded with an opinion saying
This is an horrendous attempt by a man to entrap another Christian brother into saying things against the Bible and twisting the truth or the limit of the knowledge that this man may have. He is so wrong for distorting and hurting the people of God. Do not pay heed to his ramblings.
I like that comment. .. so far the guy came back and called that woman an idiot.. I can’t respect that. .. that’s all I have to say on this matter though
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