Thursday, October 14, 2010

JFK Alumni Gathering | Real N.O. Bandhead Discussion

Although a number of the folks in this clip were in the JFK Marching Unit from during my time. those holding conversation 2 minutes in on out  are that of band members from the late 80’s. Class of 1990 to be exact.

The conversation they’re having are all true situations as told by those who experienced them. It’s also the general mentality of the average band member from New Orleans Louisiana.  especially if you were in one of the better bands of the time.

Not only do they discuss  crazy things that may have happened at band practice, but they discuss what they directors instilled in them. as well as fellow band alumni who were not at this event. 

we discuss these kind of things not to degrade or disapprove of the next era of bandsmen, but as a way to assure that they understand the kind of impact these rivalries had on the  band culture.. now days the bands are trying manipulate what was done in the past, mainly because they see it on Video. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. but the way most of us see it. is that, if you’re not feeling what you do. You’re not doing it right. All it takes to half respect for what it is  you do.

The Guys in the clip are stating truth. They are the reason folks like myself attended JFK High’s all for music, all for band It’s the Heart and Soul of our Craft.

As for the stories here. I’ve heard Similar, All from different years yet at Similar events. And because it relates to the band I was part of,  I understand it all 100%. 

I’m glad to have been part of one of N.O’s greatest band programs in the city.

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