Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nice Time at The K

Yesterday was great, yet also sad in many ways. I got a chance to see old faces once again. Teachers who worked there for years, Alumni from the All 66 to 05 were out there  if not represented by many, Represented by one or two. 

I was out from 11am until about 7:30pm talking to people about things that happened at the school during our years. Things that happened with the band, How the school was all around and what it meant to us. We even discussed the idea of saving it or preserving things that were still possibly inside there there. 

I along with many folks took a walk through the school after the event was technically over. of course security had left the area. By the looks of it, every desk and chair was removed from the building. Sealing tiles had fallen to the floor.  The odd part is, the school smelled the same way as it always did. 

I took a walk through the first floor only. from the The Cafeteria area all the way to the Band room. Assignments were written on the boards in classroom’s Artwork was all over the place.

Boy when I got to that band room hall way It was like walking into the past. I could almost cry walking in to that band hall. it was Erie and exciting. yet Sad in many ways because That school Could have been opened.  aside from the fact that everything that hadn’t been maintained was bad. the school looks like it hadn’t been flooded.

  It’s amazing and Sad at the same time. I should have went through a second time.

I’ll surely miss that place.

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