Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Now that I Think about It

I think I’m missing some change. but I’m good. I just have to recount it.
Man, I did this facebook “My top Followers” app. I went to the females section.. Lo & Behold My cousin was at the top of the list. I don’t necessarily interact with her on there. but those things usually calculated information. but in a way it does reveal who’s paying attention to my updates and with my cousin up there I know she’s only being nosey. lol but hey she told me once that she’s always on my page.  With my recent photo change I knew she’s probably be there trying to figure out who that is.

Speaking of that… Yeah I talked to Bethany over the weekend. It was nothing but a normal convo. she was up and I was up so we were just messing with each other about some old stuff. lol  I told her that I was going to change my main pic to the both of us…  the very next day I got a messages asking who's that girl… smh.. the photo is Old as DIRT..lol

but folks always want to know since they never see me with anybody.. lol

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